‘Our beautiful painting arrived on Friday and on Sunday we got it up in the house. We absolutely love it and can’t stop looking at it!
The kids have been non stop in front of it, and showing anyone who turns up their special painting. Enzo said ‘I just can’t believe it’s not a photo, I thought it was a photo’!
Hattie loves her tattoos and is just ecstatic that she gets to hold the reins on the horse waka. She would really love to be able to paint peoples faces like you can, and I agree – you have a very special and rare talent.
We love the finished product, you have done an amazing and brave job painting three kids and capturing their individual interests and personalities in the painting. It is a unique family home piece now, and sits beside our three rooms so we can look at it every day.
Nina, thank you so so much for agreeing to do this portrait for us.’

‘Thank you Nina for the amazing portrait of my granddaughter Daisy. It is a beautiful statement not only of her character and ancestry but also all the things in nature that she loves. I enjoyed the creative process with you and know this portrait will be treasured and admired for generations to come.’

Suzie Moncrieff

‘We commissioned Nina to paint our three children after seeing her work in Little River Gallery. We didn’t want a conventional portrait, but Nina’s own unique interpretation of the children based on their personalities, their interests and our story as a family. The painting is beautiful, filled with special details and a dreamlike quality which captures our children perfectly’.

How to purchase or commission a work?

To purchase a work:

If you would like to purchase a work that you have seen on this web-site, simply go to the contact page, state which work you are interested in and I will get back to you to work out shipping and payment details.
I am happy to answer any questions you might have about a work.

To purchase a signed reproduction:

If you would like a signed reproduction of any of the works on this site, please contact me through the contact page.
*Please note that not all works are available as reproductions.

To commission a work:

To commission a work contact me through the contact page with a brief outline of your requirements. I’ll get back to you for a more in-depth discussion and to explain the process.

To commission a portrait:

Creating a portrait is an honour that I do not take lightly. I like to thoroughly interview, draw and photograph the subject in person. Where this is not possible, I require detailed information and suitable images to work from. To discuss your vision and requirements, please contact me through the contact page.